10 Typical Questions

  1. (Principles of Real Estate I)

    In order to convey title to real property, a deed must be signed by the:

  2. (Principles of Real Estate I)

    The Texas Real Estate Commission is composed of:

  3. (Principles of Real Estate II)

    A lease under which the tenant pays a fixed rent and pays all the operating expenses is a:

  4. (Law of Agency)

    The Civil Rights Act of 1968 was amended in 1974 to include:

  5. (Law of Agency)

    The listing agreement that MOST brokers prefer is the:

  6. (Contracts)

    This lease has a defined specific beginning and ending date.

  7. (Promulgated Contracts)

    A contract must include all of these items except:

  8. ((Promulgated Contracts)

    Within ____ days after the title company receives a copy of the contract, Seller shall furnish to Buyer a Commitment for title insurance. 

  9. (Finance)

    Which act was passed in 2010 in an attempt to create accountability by regulating mortgage lenders and mortgage brokers?

  10. (Finance)

    Insurance is $2800/year. Sales price $437,500. LTV is 95%. Insurance start date is December 5th. Close date is August 13th. Using a bankers year, calculate the monthly insurance payment. Assume no leap year.